Banker and Farmer

Marty GibsonMarty Gibson is a banker and a farmer. He farms with his dad and his brother on about 219 acres. The have cattle and bale their own hay. He says he’s not a current John Deere equipment owner.

He likes what he sees from John Deere though, including the variety. At our Danville, KY stop he was most interested in the 6D Series and 5E Series tractors and likes what he sees. Depending on the time of the year he says they would use a tractor to feed hay, roll hay and bush hog with it. He was one of our ride and drivers and thinks the 5E would best fit his needs because of the transmission options on it.

You can listen to my interview with Marty here: danville-gibson.mp3

The wind really kicked up in my interview with him in, so you’ll hear a little of that in the middle.

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Truck Driver Diary

Truck Driver Tim PaulThis edition of the Truck Driver Diary comes to you from Danville, KY.

Our newest driver of the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show truck is Tim Pol, standing here next to the 6D, 5D, 5E, 5M, 5E Limited and 3E Series numbers on the cab. I spoke with him at the end of our event in Danville, KY. He says he gets asked by people when he stops to let them take photos of the truck. I wonder how many pictures of this truck are out there.

Tim says he gets asked a lot of questions since people assume he knows everything since he’s driving the big rig. His first road anecdote is pretty funny. He says that his first stop he had a kid come up to him just let him to know that he didn’t like John Deere. Tim says he should have given him a shirt and cap. I agree. He is an on the road evangelist for the brand!

You can listen to my interview with Tim here: danville-truck-driver.mp3

Don’t forget to visit our event photos: Drive Green Utility Tractor Show Event Sets.

Benefits To Horse Farms

David WilliamsDavid Williams was one of our visitors at the Danville, KY show stop. He visited with me outside the arena where we had tractors available for riding and driving.

Dave says Deere equipment is known for it’s quality and durability. He’s also happy to have the local support of a reliable dealer in Greenline Equipment, who sponsored our stop in Danville, KY. Dave has an active thoroughbred breeding farm. He says John Deere Gators are very handy for feeding. He says it’s a handy utility vehicle and it causes less ground damage than a pickup truck. He says they also employ other equipment for their forage production as well.

Dave thinks the intermediate sized utility tractors would be good for his operation since they’re strong enough to do the job while being really easy to use. He also appreciates some of the incentives being offered by John Deere

You can listen to my interview with David here: danville-williams.mp3

Danville, KY Photo Album

Hay and Forage Equipment

Paul NapierI guess having a few years under your belt running a tractor does show even when you get on a new one you’ve never driven before. Paul Napier came out to our Danville, KY stop and put several machines through a good workout. In fact, I think he would win the award for most riding and driving! Here’s a picture of him on one of the new 6 Series tractors.

Paul made a point of saying he’s in his 70’s but still has a cattle operation and actively farms. He loves John Deere and has a 6420. He uses them for mowing, hay, feeding and general farm work. He says these new utility tractors are very convenient to use. He liked the pricing being offered by John Deere right now too. He recommends that people come out to one of our show stops and get on them and drive.

It seemed like many of the people I spoke with at this stop are involved in hay production and John Deere has a whole line of equipment to choose from.

You can listen to my interview with Paul here: danville-napier.mp3

Or watch him trying out some new equipment here:

Danville, KY Photo Album

Danville Dealer Happy To Offer Utility Tractors

Alec RussellOur Danville, KY show stop at the Boyle County Fairgrounds was hosted by Alec Russell, Greenline Implement.

Here’s Alec next to our display of new utility tractors.

Alec says that the Danville area has mostly tobacco, cattle and hay farms and is on the southern fringe of the Kentucky Bluegrass horse farm region. I like his anecdote that “we eat more corn than is grown around here.”

He says that because many of the area farms would have multiple operators of their equipment, these new utility tractors would be a great choice since they don’t have as many controls to deal with like much larger tractors. He also says these new 5D and 6D and 5E tractors provide him a product for his customers that makes him more competitive with a price range he’s never been able to offer before.

You can listen to my interview with Alec here: danville-russell.mp3

Danville, KY Photo Album

Photos Of Our Danville, KY Stop

Danville, KYI don’t think we could have had better weather today in Danville, KY for our show stop at the Boyle Country Fairgrounds.

Greenline Implement served a nice lunch to the folks who came out to ride and drive the new tractors, mowers and Gators.

I will be featuring more stories for you from the event. I did get photos from the show put into an online photo album for you.

You can find them here: Danville, KY Photo Album

Sunrise In Danville, KY

Danville, KYThe sun has risen on the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show in Danville, KY. I’ve got very limited internet access today so it’ll probably be this evening or tomorrow before I get to post more pictures and interviews.

Greenline Implement has put out the word in the countryside that the show will go on here at the Boyle County Fairgrounds today so we’re expecting a crowd.

We’ve not only got an arena with tractors in it for people to ride and drive but a lot of additional area to drive a new Gator around in as well.

I’ve already been doing interviews here this morning and things are starting to pick up so I’m going back to work and will post more at my next opportunity.

See you then.