Atlantic Tractor

Drive Geen Atlantic TractorSigning up for our drawings was only one activity during our show stop in Oxford, PA at Atlantic Tractor.

We had the full line of utility tractors, mowers, implements and more on display and available for riding and driving. On hand when I arrived were Gregg Rebar and Mike Asche. They pretty much run the operation. I think these guys had one of the best displays for our show that I’ve seen.

They’ve got quite a few stores which Mike says allows them to have a very wide range of John Deere products immediately available to customers. They’re in a very diverse market which ranges from row crop farmers to large property owner, vegetable farms and even poultry. He says that the rural lifestyle market has become a significant part of their business.

Gregg and Mike are good examples of the great folks I’ve met working in John Deere dealerships around the country.

You can listen to my interview with Gregg and Mike here: Interview with Gregg and Mike

Or you can watch the interview here:

Waterloo Boys Showed Up

Waterloo BoysBesides the new utility tractors, you’ll find others on location with the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show. Like in Oxford, PA at Atlantic Tractor where the Waterloo Boys Rough and Tumble Club had a 1948 John Deere “M” on display. Harvey and Tom were on hand with a charitable raffle which they said is their 17th year doing it.

You can listen to them talk about the Model M and the Waterloo Boys. Harvey says the club was formed in 1991 as part of the National 2-Cylinder Club. He says they want to keep the heritage of the 2 cylinder tractor alive and likes the contrast of them displayed alongside new ones. He says the their raffle tractor is in high demand to be displayed at a variety of events.

I asked them what they think of the new tractors. They’ve looked at them and even have “some in the shed.” Harvey says they’re his “toys to play with.” He says his pride and joy though is being able to show people how farming has been done in the past.

You can listen to my interview with these Waterloo Boys here: Interview with Waterloo Boys

Or you can watch the interview here:

5 Series Fits The Bill

Another one of our ride and drivers in Oxford, PA at Atlantic Tractor was Tom Hoffman, Flemington, NJ. Tom says he’s got about 300 acres of hay to manage and some beef cattle. He thinks it’s pretty nice to get out and try these tractors out before making a buying decision.

I spoke to him right after he got off a 5 Series tractor which he thinks is a nice handling smooth riding tractor with a nice turning radius. He especially appreciated the placement of the controls which make it easy for the operator to get to. He had some more looking around to do after I spoke with him but he thought this tractor would suit his needs just fine.

You can listen to my interview with Tom here: drive-green-oxford-hoffman.mp3

Or you can watch the interview here:

Managing The Delmarva Peninsula

Drive Green TeamIt was definitely a rainy day in Monkton, MD when the Drive Green Utility Tractor show displayed at My Lady’s Manor Steeplechase race. Here’s most of our crew who were on hand to answer questions and we really appreciate the people who stopped by even with the weather challenges.

One of them is Scott Brotherton, Territory Manager for John Deere. Scott and I hid out from the rain in the trailer of the truck for a short interview. Scott’s territory includes the Delmarva Peninsula where the crops are very diverse, including row crops and specialty crops and of course horse farms. Scott’s been in the territory for over a year and he says these horse owners are very dedicated to their animals and farms and this show stop provides a great opportunity to showcase the new John Deere tractors and utility vehicles for them. The hay tools like the rotary cutter and square baler we had on display would be other good examples of equipment that’s available to large property owners, especially those who cut their own hay.

You can listen to my interview with Scott here: drive-green-monkton-brotherton.mp3

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Oxford Ride & Drive

While I was in Oxford, PA with Atlantic Tractor I met Melvin Horst. He lives right down the road and has a couple of pieces of John Deere equipment. He’s got an 8130 and a 1590 grain drill.

He really likes the opportunity the show provides to test drive the new utility tractors. He likes the looks of the 5M Series and 6D Series tractors. He uses his tractors for raking hay and picking up bales as well as mowing. In fact, he says they’re handy for just about everything on the farm. He brought his boys out since they’ll be helping him out.

You can listen to my interview with Melvin here: drive-green-oxford-horst.mp3

Or you can watch the interview here:

Making Lots of Hay

I met some great people on location at Atlantic Tractor in Pennsylvania and Maryland last week. Some of them drove a long way to get to the show stop in Oxford, PA like Brian Good.

Brian says he farms about 400 acres with a hay cash crop operation and some small grains. He says that raking, tedding, mowing and baling call for some smaller tractors and that’s why he drove about 60 miles to attend the event. He says he’s got a few John Deere tractors already. He likes some of the features on the new utility tractors that will allow him to perform all the operations involved in hay production. It was a cool breezy day and Brian says he’s “got to have a cab.” It rained a lot the next day and I’m sure he would have been even more emphatic about having a cab on a cool, breezy and wet day!

You can listen to my interview with Brian here: drive-green-oxford-good.mp3

Or you can watch Brian here:

Driving Green Tractors

Driving A Green TractorThis is what the John Deere Drive Green Utility Tractor Show is all about. Driving John Deere equipment. Today’s show stop is set up perfectly for people like Carl Daly. He’s here to test drive the new line of utility tractors and vehicles. We’ll meet Carl in an upcoming video interview.

The grounds here at Atlantic Tractor are just perfect for people to come on out and test drive one of these new utility tractors. In the photo Carl is on a new 3E series tractor.

I’ve got a photo album started for this event which I’ll be adding to later today: Atlantic Tractor Photo Album

Atlantic Tractor Event Underway

Atlantic TractorWelcome to Atlantic Tractor in Oxford, PA. I’m on location on a partly cloudy morning.

Our set up here is beautiful. We’ve got a big ride and drive area set up right in front of the dealership. Photos are already uploading and I’ll point you to our event photo album as soon as I can.

I’ll be doing interviews again today for posting over the coming days. I think we’ll have some really interesting ones to offer so please stay tuned.