Atlantic Tractor

Drive Geen Atlantic TractorSigning up for our drawings was only one activity during our show stop in Oxford, PA at Atlantic Tractor.

We had the full line of utility tractors, mowers, implements and more on display and available for riding and driving. On hand when I arrived were Gregg Rebar and Mike Asche. They pretty much run the operation. I think these guys had one of the best displays for our show that I’ve seen.

They’ve got quite a few stores which Mike says allows them to have a very wide range of John Deere products immediately available to customers. They’re in a very diverse market which ranges from row crop farmers to large property owner, vegetable farms and even poultry. He says that the rural lifestyle market has become a significant part of their business.

Gregg and Mike are good examples of the great folks I’ve met working in John Deere dealerships around the country.

You can listen to my interview with Gregg and Mike here: Interview with Gregg and Mike

Or you can watch the interview here:

Waterloo Boys Showed Up

Waterloo BoysBesides the new utility tractors, you’ll find others on location with the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show. Like in Oxford, PA at Atlantic Tractor where the Waterloo Boys Rough and Tumble Club had a 1948 John Deere “M” on display. Harvey and Tom were on hand with a charitable raffle which they said is their 17th year doing it.

You can listen to them talk about the Model M and the Waterloo Boys. Harvey says the club was formed in 1991 as part of the National 2-Cylinder Club. He says they want to keep the heritage of the 2 cylinder tractor alive and likes the contrast of them displayed alongside new ones. He says the their raffle tractor is in high demand to be displayed at a variety of events.

I asked them what they think of the new tractors. They’ve looked at them and even have “some in the shed.” Harvey says they’re his “toys to play with.” He says his pride and joy though is being able to show people how farming has been done in the past.

You can listen to my interview with these Waterloo Boys here: Interview with Waterloo Boys

Or you can watch the interview here:

Driving Traffic To The Dealer

One of the reasons why the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show is so important to our dealers is the traffic it brings out to the event says Richard Miller, TriGreen Equipment, manager for commercial and consumer equipment. He says that in a typical dealer store it’s not easy to get a couple hundred people out and the show provides a great opportunity to attract more people to see what they’ve got to offer.

I interviewed Richard when we were in Murfreesboro, TN. He says they had people with everything from 1 acre up to hundreds of acres of land. He was surprised to see how many people came out who had never been up close and personal with a tractor.

You can listen to my interview with Richard here: Interview with Richard Miller

Or you can watch the interview here:

5 Series Fits The Bill

Another one of our ride and drivers in Oxford, PA at Atlantic Tractor was Tom Hoffman, Flemington, NJ. Tom says he’s got about 300 acres of hay to manage and some beef cattle. He thinks it’s pretty nice to get out and try these tractors out before making a buying decision.

I spoke to him right after he got off a 5 Series tractor which he thinks is a nice handling smooth riding tractor with a nice turning radius. He especially appreciated the placement of the controls which make it easy for the operator to get to. He had some more looking around to do after I spoke with him but he thought this tractor would suit his needs just fine.

You can listen to my interview with Tom here: drive-green-oxford-hoffman.mp3

Or you can watch the interview here:

Oxford Ride & Drive

While I was in Oxford, PA with Atlantic Tractor I met Melvin Horst. He lives right down the road and has a couple of pieces of John Deere equipment. He’s got an 8130 and a 1590 grain drill.

He really likes the opportunity the show provides to test drive the new utility tractors. He likes the looks of the 5M Series and 6D Series tractors. He uses his tractors for raking hay and picking up bales as well as mowing. In fact, he says they’re handy for just about everything on the farm. He brought his boys out since they’ll be helping him out.

You can listen to my interview with Melvin here: drive-green-oxford-horst.mp3

Or you can watch the interview here:

Making Lots of Hay

I met some great people on location at Atlantic Tractor in Pennsylvania and Maryland last week. Some of them drove a long way to get to the show stop in Oxford, PA like Brian Good.

Brian says he farms about 400 acres with a hay cash crop operation and some small grains. He says that raking, tedding, mowing and baling call for some smaller tractors and that’s why he drove about 60 miles to attend the event. He says he’s got a few John Deere tractors already. He likes some of the features on the new utility tractors that will allow him to perform all the operations involved in hay production. It was a cool breezy day and Brian says he’s “got to have a cab.” It rained a lot the next day and I’m sure he would have been even more emphatic about having a cab on a cool, breezy and wet day!

You can listen to my interview with Brian here: drive-green-oxford-good.mp3

Or you can watch Brian here:

Tractor Chasers

John Deere Tractor ChasersI know we’re all about utility tractors here but I just found out about an interesting website called Tractor Chasers. It’s about the new 8RT which hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Thanks to some alert readers who told us about the 8RT on Route 45, the Tractor Chasers headed out and got a first-hand look at the new track machine. We sat for a while waiting for it to come by. And when it did, well, you’ll see what happened while watching our video. All we can say, and all we want to admit, is that the front of the machine looks mighty powerful. By the way, we’ve heard a number of you asking what the “R” and “T” stand for. Is it “row-crop tracks” or “rubber tracks”? We’re working to get you the answer. More later!

Check out the first of two videos so far here – check out the website or YouTube for others:

Landscaping Machines

If you’re into landscaping or have your own landscaping business then you should check out John Deere Landscapes.

John Deere Landscapes approaches the Industry from a whole new vantage point. Like you, we face the future with a healthy respect for the past. Our heritage is one of true value-added customer service, and our combined companies offer over 30 years of success in the industry, based on that same outstanding level of customer service. This story continues as we grow, expanding our branch network. At John Deere Landscapes, we want to be where you need us. So come on in… find out what we do, and how we strive every day to support the Industry’s top professionals.

When I was on location at our Houston stop I met Ronnie Borel who is an outside sales representative for John Deere Landscapes. He gave me an overview of the products offered by this division of the company. He says they offer about 95% of what the landscape contractor needs.

You can listen to my interview with Ronnie here: drive-green-houston-landscape.mp3

In Raleigh I met the Nobles who have their own landscaping business. Although they own a John Deere tractor, they’re in the market for one with a little more horsepower. The Drive Green Utility Tractor Show is certainly the place to do that.

You can listen to my interview with the Nobles here: drive-green-raleigh-landscaping.mp3

Dixie Deer Classic Photo Album

Get Your Own Or Borrow One

Just because you don’t own a John Deere utility tractor doesn’t mean you can’t get to use one. Luckily for Wayne Kleven his relatives are owners who let him borrow when he needs to. Wayne does have several John Deere mowers though.

When he needs a tractor to cut deer trails through the woods or to do some more serious mowing he is fortunate to have some equipment available nearby but he was still out at the show checking out the new line of utility tractors.

You can listen to my interview with Wayne here: drive-green-raleigh-his-own.mp3

Dixie Deer Classic Photo Album

3E Series Good For Horse Owners

Jeff ClarkIf you’ve got horses then a new John Deere 3E Series Tractor may be just the thing for you. It was what Jeff Clark was looking at when he visited the show in Raleigh.

He wants a small tractor to clean out stalls. Since his daughter will be using it more than he would he also wanted a tractor that’s easy to use.

I think the 3E Series fits the bill.

You can listen to my interview with Jeff here: drive-green-raleigh-looking-3series.mp3

Dixie Deer Classic Photo Album

Looking For a Cab

Mike PooleHere’s a good example of why you should come out to your local John Deere dealer or one of our Drive Green Utility Tractor Show stops. Let’s say you need a new tractor, mower or all around handy utility vehicle. You can see pictures and specs online but before making a decision you just want to get your hands on one and try it on for size.

That’s what Mike Poole did in Raleigh at the Dixie Deer Classic. He really wants a tractor with a cab and guess what. We had one for him to get into and representatives standing by to answer his questions. He already owns a small tractor but he wants to replace it with one with a cab for mowing and farming small grains. Sounds like a 5E Limited Series tractor would be a great choice for Mike

You can listen to my interview with Mike here: drive-green-raleigh-looking-for-cab.mp3

Dixie Deer Classic Photo Album

Raleigh Territory Manager

Brad YarbroughThere are a lot of people working to make the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show happen. I’m trying to include interviews with them when I can so you can get to know them. From our truck drivers, planning staff and dealers to our presenters and suppliers it wouldn’t be possible without all of their efforts.

In Raleigh, NC our John Deere Territory Manager is Brad Yarbrough. He worked with the dealerships involved, Quality Equipment and Barnhill Equipment Company as well as the Dixie Deer Classic to help put on the show there. He says they love to get the tractors out in front of customers so they can get in the seat and see what John Deere’s got for them. And what John Deere has includes a whole new line of utility tractors and Gators.

You can listen to my interview with Brad here: drive-green-raleigh-territory-manager.mp3

Dixie Deer Classic Photo Album


Frontier Plotmaster 1204One of the pieces of equipment that was getting a lot of attention at the indoors display at the Dixie Deer Classic was the Frontier FP1204 by Plotmaster. For hunters who want to create a food plot with ease here’s what they say about it.

The Plotmaster™, by Plotmaster Systems, Ltd. with its patented design is the complete package for your plot planting needs. The Frontier FP1204 (4-ft model) will reach places you’ve only dreamed of planting plots. It’s easy and simple with the Plotmaster™.

I spoke with Keith Lane, Quality Equipment, about the unit they had on display which was hooked up to a camo Gator. He says it’s ideal for a garden or a food plot to attract deer.

You can listen to my interview with Keith here: drive-green-raleigh-plotmaster.mp3

Dixie Deer Classic Photo Album

Hunter Applications of Utility Tractors and Gators

Donny LassiterAt the Dixie Deer Classic we interacted with a lot of hunting enthusiasts. One of the exhibitors was Donny Lassiter, Lassiter Farms. He was promoting their CyprusKnee Chufa product.

Donny says that he owns a variety of John Deere equipment for use on their farm. He says that what he likes about John Deere is the dealer organization that’s always available to help out. He says hunters will find the new equipment useful for putting in food plots. The smaller machines allow you to get in and out of tight places. Gators especially allow you to get around on your property and see what’s going on. They even allow you to pull small sprayers.

I liked the idea of using the Gators for hauling a successful hunting harvest instead of the manual labor alternative.

You can listen to my interview with Donny here: drive-green-raleigh-for-hunters.mp3

Dixie Deer Classic Photo Album

Ride and Drive at Dixie Deer Classic

Glen MillicanThe weather for the Dixie Deer Classic couldn’t have been more picture perfect. Bright sunny and warm.

On Saturday we held two presentations on these new utility tractors and had a lot of people like Glenn Millican interested and even using our short ride and drive course. Glenn was interested in a small tractor that could negotiate sharp turns and the 3 Series tractor seemed to catch his eye. He put it through the paces as you can see in the video interview I did with him this afternoon.

You can listen to my interview with Glenn here: drive-green-raleigh-ride-drive.mp3

Dixie Deer Classic Photo Album

Tennessee Farm Service Agency

Frank Rogers is the Acting Director of the Tennessee Farm Service Agency. In Murfreesboro he headed up an exhibit to provide attendees with FSA program information. The FSA is responsible for implementing the Farm Bill which affects most of the family farms in the country. He says they deal with land owners and farmers. He was proud to have the opportunity to participate in the John Deere educational event which is a big part of what the Show is all about.

Tri-Green Murfreesboro Photo Album

Farmers Finding Friendly Equipment

Billy Ray is a Tennessee farmer who drove for about an hour to get to the show stop in Murfreesboro. I spoke with him right after he got to the Miller Coliseum. He says this is a good opportunity. He already owns some John Deere equipment like a tractor, front end loader and cutters.

Although he hadn’t had a chance to look around much he was there to check out a round baler. He was sure he was going to get lots of good information and I know he did.

You can listen to my interview with Billy here: drive-green-murfreesboro-farmer.mp3

Or watch the interview:

Tri-Green Murfreesboro Photo Album

Truck Driver Diary

This edition of the Truck Driver Diary is in video this time. Mark Roose not only sound good but he’s really not a bad looking dude either. I asked him about bringing the truck to the Murfreesboro event and he said that with his GPS guiding him he got there okay. You’ll hear him talk about getting the truck into the arena. The reality was that we never did. The entrance way was just too short even after we used some of the equipment on hand to try to remove some dirt to get it in. So we just parked it right outside the entrance.

You can listen to this edition of the Truck Driver Diary here: drive-green-murfreesboro-truck-driver-diary.mp3

Or watch the interview:

Useful In City Parks

One of the people who attended the Drive Green event in Murfreesboro was Paige Cruse, Franklin City Parks. Paige is actually the athletics foreman. She says she was there to learn more about the new mowers, Gators and tractors. She was happy to have the chance to attend an educational event like this.

Paige says they have John Deere equipment and have seen some new items they’d like to have. She says she has learned a number of things she didn’t know about the equipment and got to sit on one of the larger horsepower tractors.

You can listen to my interview with Paige here: drive-green-murfreesboro-parks.mp3

Or watch the interview:

The Truck Arriving In Murfreesboro

Drive Green TruckThe Drive Green Utility Tractor Show truck is usually on location before I get there but in Murfreesboro I beat it by about 5 minutes. Just in time to catch a video clip of it coming in to the Miller Coliseum grounds from the highway.

We couldn’t get it in the arena so we parked it outside which is where I took this photo early in the morning.

Watch this bad boy make the turn:

Handy Farm Machines

These doctors are farmers too! Dr. Rick West and Dr. James Wall visited the first day of our Miller Coliseum event with TriGreen Equipment. They both operate cattle farms in addition to their medical careers.

I spoke with them on the floor of the Coliseum about how useful these utility tractors would be for their operations. James likes the wet clutch in the new tractors because he knows how much he uses it and has always worried about wearing it out. They both believe that their are many tasks like moving feed and hay that these tractors are really useful for. I also learned that James is a major collector of John Deere tractors!

You can listen to my interview with James and Rick here: drive-green-murfreesboro-customer-1.mp3

Or watch the interview:

What Participants Are Saying

To get a flavor for what show participants thought of our Ft. Worth Stock Show event I asked several of them right after the arena program.

You can hear what they had to say here: dg-ft-worth-montage.mp3

Or watch some video of the event while listening in this clip:

Drive Green YouTube Channel

I hope you’re enjoying the video clips we’ve been putting together. There are now 20 different ones uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Watch the previews below and feel free to look at one you missed or just want to watch again. Feel free to subscribe so you’ll be notified when we add new ones. And, thank you for watching!

Toys To Tractors

Saginaw Implement BoothAt the Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, Saginaw Implement Co. set up a whole store inside the trade show building. You could find everything from toys to tractors including toy tractors.

One of the friendly faces you find there belongs to Monty Hambrick. He’s the 4th generation working at the dealership. He says they sell everything from chain saws to combines. He says business has been good at their booth and I’d echo that. Every time I stopped by they had a crowd and it looked like serious business being done.

You can listen my interview with Monty here: dg-ft-worth-hambrick.mp3

Or watch the interview here:

3E Series Tractor Presented in Ft. Worth

3E Series Enters Watt ArenaWith the signal to go, the new 3E Series Tractor made its debut in Watt Arena at the Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. This was the first tractor in the lineup for the show, following mowers and the new Gators.

I had to leave my camera on a wide shot during the show but I’ll have more video clips and interviews coming up soon.

You’ll hear a reference to some “gifts” during the presentation. That was because periodically during the show our presenters would throw t-shirts into outstretched hands of our audience. They were a big hit.

You can listen to the presentation here: drive-green-ft-worth-3e.mp3

Or watch the presentation here:

More Dealer Observations

Drive Green Ride and DriveOne of the dealerships involved with the Houston Farm and Ranch Show stop was Brookside Equipment Sales, Inc. One of the representatives from the company attending the show was Brant North, pictured on the right.

John says that the show provides a great opportunity for him to brush up on his knowledge of the equipment personally as well as interact with his customers. He also likes to share ideas with other dealers. He’s always enjoyed selling John Deere equipment. He’s looking forward to getting these new tractors in his hands so he can “sell a few.”

You can listen to my interview with John here: drive-green-houston-north.mp3

Or watch the interview here:

Riding and Driving In Houston

Drive Green Ride and DriveGetting to test drive these new utility tractors was a lot of fun in the sun at the Houston Farm and Ranch Show facility. A large area of the parking lot was set up in lanes for tractors, Gators and mowers.

Customers who came out included Andre Roberts and Louis Robertson who both work for the city of Alvin, TX. They said “it’s a marvelous show.” They said that getting to come out and visit personally with John Deere representatives is really helpful since they’re responsible for buying equipment.

You can listen to my interview with them here: drive-green-houston-customer-1.mp3

Or watch the interview here:

Interacting With Dealers

Drive Green Dealer InteractionWe had a lot of representatives from the Houston area John Deere dealers come out today to the Houston Farm and Ranch Club.

Two of them were Darrell Taylor, D.E.R. Equipment Co. (l) and Lloyd Shoppa, Shoppa’s Farm Supply. They really appreciated the opportunity to get a short course on these new tractors because that will help them when they talk to their customers.

You can listen to my interview with them here: drive-green-houston-taylor-shoppa.mp3

Or watch the interview here:

6D Series Tractors

Here’s the last in a series of initial presentations on the new utility tractor line. This one is on the 6D Series and presenting is Dick Gohlke.

“The top three models are powered by a 4.5L PowerTech™ E diesel engine with a high-pressure common rail (HPCR) injection system,” says Alejandro Galindo, product manager, John Deere Waterloo Tractor Works. “These efficient engines are designed to provide power when needed to handle even the toughest jobs.”

The 6100D features a field-proven, fuel-efficient 100-hp PowerTech™ engine with rotary fuel injection pump. It’s designed to deliver excellent power and lugging ability in a variety of work situations.

“We’ve improved the transmission on the 6D Series,” says Galindo. “The all-new 9F/9R electro-hydraulic PowrReverser™ is standard equipment. Once the operator sets the range and gear, a handy left-hand reverser lever is used to move the tractor forward or reverse without clutching! Loader work is easier and more efficient with this new transmission.”

A new wet-clutch design ensures reliable, long life with improved control. The new design also helps overall tractor performance for the many jobs required of a utility tractor.

You can listen to Dick’s presentation here: drive-green-6d-series-tractors.mp3

Or watch him here:

5M Series Tractors

Here’s the next installment in the presentations on the new utility tractor line. This one is on the 5M Series and presenting is Allen Edwards.

The 5M Series Tractors range in horsepower from 65 – 105 engine hp. These higher-end machines feature new transmissions, increased lift capacities, more stability for larger implements, and a new operator environment for increased comfort and productivity.

“For customers who demand premium performance and comfort, the 5M Series, which ranges in engine horsepower from 65–105, is designed to be the benchmark for quality and durability in the utility tractor marketplace. These tractors offer a vast array of options and horsepower levels, with exceptional hydraulic capacities to handle any utility-tractor implement. These tractors will definitely bring more productivity to the farm or jobsite, which makes them ideal for customers who spend many hours in a tractor and depend on their tractor to help make their living.” says Rex Edmunds, division marketing manager, John Deere Augusta. “With more weight, a wet clutch design, and enhanced serviceability, these tractors provide dependable service for the tough jobs they’re built to handle.”

More features and options including cab, 2WD and MFWD, more hydraulic flow and capacity, and a durable frame specifically designed for loaders, ensure that this tractor will perform for many years on the job or in the field.

You can listen to Allen’s presentation here: drive-green-5m-series-tractors.mp3

Or watch him here:

Gator Green in Gainesville

John Deere Gator Ride and DriveComing out to a Drive Green Utility Tractor Show stop can be a lot of fun. Why? Because you get to enter a great contest for one thing. You meet lots of interesting people for another.

But maybe the most fun is riding and driving some of the newest utility tractors and vehicles on the market. Let’s look at the Gator again. This time it’s from GreenSouth Equipment in Gainesville, FL.

I rode with Jonathan Spence who explains the features on the new vehicles that you’ll find.

You can listen to my ride and interview with Jonathan here: drive-green-gainesville-gator.mp3

Or watch us in action here:

On The Spot Training

At each of the Drive Green Utility Tractor Shows you’ll find John Deere experts on hand to answer your questions and help you decide what tractor is right for you. They also provide some on the spot training since you get to ride and drive these new machines. One of those experts is Allen Edwards. I met him at the first tour stop and he describes what his role is in making your visit successful.

You can listen to my interview with Allen here: drive-green-middleburg-edwards.mp3

Or watch the interview here:

5E Series Tractor Presentation

Allen Edwards 5E Series PresentationHere’s the next installment in the presentations on the new utility tractor line. This one is on the 5E Series and presenting is Allen Edwards.

The 5D and 5E Series range in horsepower from 45–75 and offer John Deere reliability and durability at very economical prices. The 5D Series is only offered with a two-wheel-drive (2WD) axle compared to the 5E which offers 2WD or mechanical-front-wheel-drive (MFWD)configurations. These open station tractors feature synchronized transmissions designed for smooth shifting and easy-to-reach, color-coded controls for simple operation. Low on the frills and price, but high on durability and performance, these tractors provide a simple, economical solution that’s just right for many customers.

You can listen to Allen’s presentation here: drive-green-5e-series-tractors.mp3

5D Series Tractor Presentation

Here’s the next installment in the presentations on the new utility tractor line. This one is on the 5D Series and presenting is Jerry Stanton.

The 5D and 5E Series range in horsepower from 45–75 and offer John Deere reliability and durability at very economical prices. The 5D Series is only offered with a two-wheel-drive (2WD) axle compared to the 5E which offers 2WD or mechanical-front-wheel-drive (MFWD)configurations. These open station tractors feature synchronized transmissions designed for smooth shifting and easy-to-reach, color-coded controls for simple operation. Low on the frills and price, but high on durability and performance, these tractors provide a simple, economical solution that’s just right for many customers.

I’ll have more on the 5E in a future video.

You can listen to Jerry’s presentation here: drive-green-5dseries-presentation.mp3

Visiting With The Atlanta Branch

The Drive Green Utility Tractor Show will be touring through several of John Deere’s sales divisions after the first of the year. In fact, the kickoff events in Florida were in what is called the Atlanta Branch.

Andrea Rekeweg is the Sales Promotion Coordinator for this Branch. A large portion of the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show will be passing through her territory. I spoke with her in Gainesville, FL and she talks about the show and the drawing in which you have a chance to win one of 3 one-year, 100 hour leases on a new 5055E Utility Tractor and other great prizes.

You may have noticed that this video has been up and down on YouTube this week. I’ve been experimenting with the new YouTube which lets us upload HD quality video now. So, I think I’ve finally figured out the settings to bring you the best quality video from the show. More to come . . .

Getting Your Chance To Drive a Gator

Test Driving a GatorTest driving the new John Deere equipment is what the show is all about and during the first stops a lot of people have had that chance like Eric Honigman, seen here checking out a new Gator utility vehicle.

After he got to drive it I spoke with him about the experience. He said, “I like ’em. They operate pretty smooth. That’s what I like.” He’d like to have a vehicle like this to use in some hilly area where he lives. He thinks he needs four wheel drive but had never had a chance to drive a vehicle equipped that way. He says that’s why he came out to the Middleburg, FL show stop.

You can listen to my interview with Eric here: jd-middleburg-honigman.mp3

3000 Series Tractor Presentation

Dick GohlkeThere are teams of John Deere product representatives attending each stop along the way. They will be making presentations on each of the tractor products in the new utility line. I’ve met several of them from the first stops in Florida and I’ve recorded their presentations for you.

The first one I thought I’d share is on the new 3000 Series Compact Tractors. In Gainesville, FL we heard a presentation by Dick Gohlke. He starts out explaining the new numbering system on the tractors. These come in 27 to 44 hp. Deere recommends them for homeowners, estate owners, horse enthusiasts, ranchers and hobby farmers. They’re ideal for loading, mowing, tilling & snow removal.

You can listen to Dick’s presentation here: drive-green-3series-presentation.mp3

Or you can watch his presentation:

Driving Green in Gainesville, FL

Drive Green GainesvilleRide and DriveThe second stop for the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show was in Gainesville, FL at GreenSouth Equipment. I met manager Sam Coyle right away and learned a little bit about what the company is trying to do locally. For one thing, Sam says they want the community to know that they have a full lineup of tractors that will work for everyone including those who farm for a living.

You can listen to my interview with Sam here: jd-gainesville-coyle.mp3

Or you can watch my interview with Sam here:

Test Drive Even If You Haven’t Driven Before

Ride and DriveWith only a few stops under our belt so far I’ve already found out that the people who show up to test drive a tractor aren’t necessarily “local.”

Take Cindy and Sara Hicks here. They’re from Indiana where they have an 89 acre farm. After a test drive, Cindy says, “We would definitely get this.”

She encourages everyone to come on out to one of the stops even if they’ve never driven a tractor.

You can listen to my interview with then here: jd-middleburg-hicks.mp3

The First Ride and Drive

Ride and DriveOne of the features of the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show is the opportunity to test drive a new tractor or utility vehicle. That’s what a lot of people did at GreenSouth Equipment at the kickoff event.

Here’s our first tractor tester, Jeremy Mathis, getting a look at the new John Deere 5065E. I spoke with Jeremy after his drive and he says it was his first chance to drive a tractor this size. He liked the features he saw and says that he and a relative are looking for a utility tractor to use with land development projects they’re working on.

You can listen to my interview with Jeremy here: jd-middleburg-mathis.mp3

I also caught Jeremy in action so you can see what it’s like to come out to a Drive Green event when it comes to your area.

And don’t forget to check out our first day’s photo album.

GreenSouth Equipment Manager

The Manager of GreenSouth Equipment here in Middleburg, FL is Jonathan Watts. He’s got a pretty display set up for people who are in the market for a new utility vehicle or tractor. I spoke to him as we got started today to see what’s going on at this kickoff event.

Test Driving a Gator XUV

Utility tractors won’t be the only machines you’ll find on the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show. How about utility vehicles? Let’s try a new John Deere Gator XUV for example. I took a test drive and maybe you should too.

Show Truck Driver

The show truck is a Kenworth, pulling a 53 foot van filled with the equipment that you’re going to see at each show stop. The man driving the truck is Ron Lang. Get to know Ron. I met him when the truck was first introduced in Sarasota, FL.