Showing School Utility

John Deere Tech ProgramThis is the back end of a customized John Deere Gator that was on display at our Fresno Equipment show stop. It was promoting the John Deere Tech Program.

Speaking of Gators, they are one of the types of equipment in use at the Fresno Unified School District. A number of their folks attended out show stop including Ernie Martin. He says they’re involved in the heavy equipment part of the school district which includes all their tractor work. He says the utility tractors are very handy for the type of work they do.

You can listen to my interview with Ernie here: Interview with Ernie Martin

Precision Applications Mean You’re Really Driving Green

Precision On DisplayWhile I attended our Fresno show stop I not only saw some big equipment but also some equipment that enhances the accuracy of certain applications like planting and harvesting. Precision agriculture has become increasingly important and widespread and it was on display.

While I was at Fresno Equipment I found out that in their ride and drive lot they had a precision guided tractor demonstration being run by local AMS Consultant, Joey Todd, pictured here. So I climbed in the cab with Joey and had him explain what was on display. To start with we were in an 8230 wheel tractor running RTK using iTEC Pro. Joey set up a field with boundaries so that the tractor would turn at the appropriate spot and raise and lower the implement. He said we were getting sub 1 inch accuracy. In California Joey says the need for precision is “a must” especially because of water restrictions. He also says that he’s seen this equipment being put into Gators for applications like spraying.

You can listen to my interview with Joey here: Interview with Joey Todd

Presenting Some Presenters Thoughts

Allen EdwardsWe’ve had the friendliest group of presenters at our Drive Green Utility Tractor Show stops that you’re ever going to find. It’s been a real pleasure to get to know these guys and I thank them for their hard work and fellowship. While I was at the Fresno Equipment stop I interviewed the two presenters who were there to get their perspective on how the show has been going.

First in the interview is Allen Ewards pictured here. He says they’ve “seen a little bit of everything.” He talks about how the weather has played a big role in how many people attend at our show stops and like the weather he says, “You just never know.” The feedback from people he’s met has been very positive. He’s met a wide cross section of people from first time customers to existing customers who want to see the latest and greatest. He’s been able to help the dealers at our show stops since he’s got the factory training which allows him to answer their questions too. He says that in general all the people he’s met have had a very positive attitude. As he puts it, “Nobody is quitting in the farming business.”

Jim StoffregenJoining us in the interview was Jim Stoffregen. Jim has teamed up with Allen at several locations across the country. One of the questions he gets hit with most is to explain the new numbering sequence which he says makes it so easy for people to know what kind of tractor they’re looking at.

Even though the show has been put on in a variety of venues from dealer locations to large arenas he says they’ve all seemed to work well.

He’s also seen that sales are happening even with concerns about the economy. Part of that may be that these new utility tractors are so versatile and can work in so many applications.

You can listen to my interview with Allen and Jim here: Interview with Allen and Jim

Fresno Equipment Photo Album

Truck Driver Diary

Truck Driver DiaryIt’s time for another edition of the Truck Driver Diary with Tim Pol. Tim has driven the truck all the way across the country now so it was time to catch up with him and see how his journey is going. You can see Tim reflected in the window of Fresno Equipment getting the truck all shined up.

We started out learning about his experience getting the truck stuck in some mud in Maryland. All went well even though Tim says it was kind of a nightmare for a while. He says he’s met a lot of people and had an opportunity to hand out a lot of business cards. Tim says that other than having some different accents the people he meets all have similar questions and issues.

You can listen to my interview with Tim here: Truck Driver Diary

Fresno Equipment Photo Album

Tractors And Combines

Fresno EquipmentAlthough the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show is all about tractors in the lower horsepower range it doesn’t mean we can’t mention some bigger equipment! Fresno Equipment had it all on display including new combines.

One of the people attending the show stop was Jason Langstraat. He just ordered four 9770 combines which he’ll be putting to work in his custom combining business. He says they already had 2 combines but needed more as his business has expanded. Those machines are still in the process of being built but while he was at the event he showed off a display model to a couple of friends who were probably curious about what he had ordered.

You can listen to my interview with Jason here: Interview with Jason Langstraat

Fresno Equipment Photo Album

Utility Tractors Work In Almond Orchards

Fresno EquipmentA commodity that I don’t have any experience with is almonds but in Fresno, CA we were in almond country. I met an almond grower, Tony Ramos, who says he’s farmed all his life and used to be in the cotton and row crop business.

He says these new utility tractors work great for his type of operation and would love to see a custom cab for orchards. He’s been a customer of Fresno Equipment for all of his career so coming out to our event was a chance for him to catch up with people he’s been doing business with while seeing what’s new. Besides the new tractors he said he had a new Gator XUV demo and is very interested in it.

You can listen to my interview with Tony here: Interview with Tony Ramos

Fresno Equipment Photo Album

Driving A Long Way To Drive Green

Fresno EquipmentIt was a bright sunny day in Fresno, CA but the wind picked up. I was told that meant that many area farmers couldn’t be in their fields to spray crops so I think we had quite a few show up at Fresno Equipment.

However, local folks weren’t the only ones who attended. I spoke to Jerry Jaeckels who said he drove 5 hours to get here since he missed a closer event to where he lives. He just felt like the opportunity to see the new equipment, get a chance to drive the tractors and talk with John Deere representatives was too important to pass up. He’s interested in the new 5 series tractors and I’m sure that by the end of the day he got all the information he needed. He’s getting ready to start a horse arena on his property so one other item that caught his eye was the Riata Rake we had out in the ride and drive area.

You can listen to my interview with Jerry here: Interview with Jerry Jaeckels

You can see a whole set of photos from today’s event here: Fresno Equipment Photo Album

Driving Green In Fresno

Fresno EquipmentI just arrived at Fresno Equipment for another Drive Green Utility Tractor Show event.

We have beautiful sunny skies and a nice ride and drive area set up for people to get on the new equipment and get some time in the dirt. I think we’re going to have a nice lunch served today too.

I’ll begin taking more photos and doing interviews here shortly and want to thank the folks at Fresno Equipment for getting me set up in a conference room and online so I can bring you the activity while it’s happening today.

I’ve started a photo set which I’ll be adding to throughout the day: Fresno Equipment Photo Album