Precision Applications Mean You’re Really Driving Green

Precision On DisplayWhile I attended our Fresno show stop I not only saw some big equipment but also some equipment that enhances the accuracy of certain applications like planting and harvesting. Precision agriculture has become increasingly important and widespread and it was on display.

While I was at Fresno Equipment I found out that in their ride and drive lot they had a precision guided tractor demonstration being run by local AMS Consultant, Joey Todd, pictured here. So I climbed in the cab with Joey and had him explain what was on display. To start with we were in an 8230 wheel tractor running RTK using iTEC Pro. Joey set up a field with boundaries so that the tractor would turn at the appropriate spot and raise and lower the implement. He said we were getting sub 1 inch accuracy. In California Joey says the need for precision is “a must” especially because of water restrictions. He also says that he’s seen this equipment being put into Gators for applications like spraying.

You can listen to my interview with Joey here: Interview with Joey Todd

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