Tractor Chasers

John Deere Tractor ChasersI know we’re all about utility tractors here but I just found out about an interesting website called Tractor Chasers. It’s about the new 8RT which hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Thanks to some alert readers who told us about the 8RT on Route 45, the Tractor Chasers headed out and got a first-hand look at the new track machine. We sat for a while waiting for it to come by. And when it did, well, you’ll see what happened while watching our video. All we can say, and all we want to admit, is that the front of the machine looks mighty powerful. By the way, we’ve heard a number of you asking what the “R” and “T” stand for. Is it “row-crop tracks” or “rubber tracks”? We’re working to get you the answer. More later!

Check out the first of two videos so far here – check out the website or YouTube for others: