Driving Traffic To The Dealer

One of the reasons why the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show is so important to our dealers is the traffic it brings out to the event says Richard Miller, TriGreen Equipment, manager for commercial and consumer equipment. He says that in a typical dealer store it’s not easy to get a couple hundred people out and the show provides a great opportunity to attract more people to see what they’ve got to offer.

I interviewed Richard when we were in Murfreesboro, TN. He says they had people with everything from 1 acre up to hundreds of acres of land. He was surprised to see how many people came out who had never been up close and personal with a tractor.

You can listen to my interview with Richard here: Interview with Richard Miller

Or you can watch the interview here:

Tennessee Farm Service Agency

Frank Rogers is the Acting Director of the Tennessee Farm Service Agency. In Murfreesboro he headed up an exhibit to provide attendees with FSA program information. The FSA is responsible for implementing the Farm Bill which affects most of the family farms in the country. He says they deal with land owners and farmers. He was proud to have the opportunity to participate in the John Deere educational event which is a big part of what the Show is all about.

Tri-Green Murfreesboro Photo Album

Farmers Finding Friendly Equipment

Billy Ray is a Tennessee farmer who drove for about an hour to get to the show stop in Murfreesboro. I spoke with him right after he got to the Miller Coliseum. He says this is a good opportunity. He already owns some John Deere equipment like a tractor, front end loader and cutters.

Although he hadn’t had a chance to look around much he was there to check out a round baler. He was sure he was going to get lots of good information and I know he did.

You can listen to my interview with Billy here: drive-green-murfreesboro-farmer.mp3

Or watch the interview:

Tri-Green Murfreesboro Photo Album

Truck Driver Diary

This edition of the Truck Driver Diary is in video this time. Mark Roose not only sound good but he’s really not a bad looking dude either. I asked him about bringing the truck to the Murfreesboro event and he said that with his GPS guiding him he got there okay. You’ll hear him talk about getting the truck into the arena. The reality was that we never did. The entrance way was just too short even after we used some of the equipment on hand to try to remove some dirt to get it in. So we just parked it right outside the entrance.

You can listen to this edition of the Truck Driver Diary here: drive-green-murfreesboro-truck-driver-diary.mp3

Or watch the interview:

Useful In City Parks

One of the people who attended the Drive Green event in Murfreesboro was Paige Cruse, Franklin City Parks. Paige is actually the athletics foreman. She says she was there to learn more about the new mowers, Gators and tractors. She was happy to have the chance to attend an educational event like this.

Paige says they have John Deere equipment and have seen some new items they’d like to have. She says she has learned a number of things she didn’t know about the equipment and got to sit on one of the larger horsepower tractors.

You can listen to my interview with Paige here: drive-green-murfreesboro-parks.mp3

Or watch the interview:

The Truck Arriving In Murfreesboro

Drive Green TruckThe Drive Green Utility Tractor Show truck is usually on location before I get there but in Murfreesboro I beat it by about 5 minutes. Just in time to catch a video clip of it coming in to the Miller Coliseum grounds from the highway.

We couldn’t get it in the arena so we parked it outside which is where I took this photo early in the morning.

Watch this bad boy make the turn:

Handy Farm Machines

These doctors are farmers too! Dr. Rick West and Dr. James Wall visited the first day of our Miller Coliseum event with TriGreen Equipment. They both operate cattle farms in addition to their medical careers.

I spoke with them on the floor of the Coliseum about how useful these utility tractors would be for their operations. James likes the wet clutch in the new tractors because he knows how much he uses it and has always worried about wearing it out. They both believe that their are many tasks like moving feed and hay that these tractors are really useful for. I also learned that James is a major collector of John Deere tractors!

You can listen to my interview with James and Rick here: drive-green-murfreesboro-customer-1.mp3

Or watch the interview:

Wide Eyed Over Green Machines

Too Little To DriveWe love to see future John Deere customers out here at the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show stops. This little guy had some wide eyes as he was following his grandad around this morning.

We’ve got tractor/equipment stations set up here in Miller Coliseum and are having groups of participants rotate periodically to listen to presentations on the various types of new equipment. Right now we’re all taking a lunch break before picking up again this afternoon.

I’ve got a number of interviews to feature for you. In fact, there’s one in our YouTube account right now that’s taking a while to process but I’ll get it posted later on when it’s ready.

In the meantime I’ve got new photos in the Tri-Green Murfreesboro Photo Album.

Going To Class In Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro LessonsIt looks like Allen Edwards is the teacher once again here in Murfreesboro, TN.

Our show stop at the Miller Coliseum got underway today and continues tomorrow. Participants will find a beautiful arena with all the latest John Deere equipment on display and very knowledgeable staff on hand to walk them through all there is to know about these new tractors.

I’ve got some photos from today online which you can find with this link.

I’ll be back out here again in the morning and you’ll find interviews and more coming right here soon.