Truck Driver Diary

Truck Driver Tim PaulThis edition of the Truck Driver Diary comes to you from Monkton, MD.

It was a wet day at the My Lady’s Manor Steeplechase races but I found truck driver Tim high and dry in the trailer so I got an update from him on how things have been going on the road. He says that things have been going really good during his portion of the schedule. People have had lots of questions and seem very happy to have the opportunity to see the new utility tractors and get on them to test them out.

Tim says our “Kicker Gator” utility vehicle has really been getting a lot of attention. Here at this location there were a lot of Gators in use which was especially helpful in the rainy, muddy conditions. Tim says our show goes west next and I’ll be at a couple of those stops. Before then though I’ve got lots more interviews to post in coming days.

You can listen to my interview with Tim here: drive-green-monkton-driver.mp3

Don’t forget to visit our event photos: Drive Green Utility Tractor Show Event Sets.

My Lady’s Manor Steeplechase

Drive Green Our Lady's Manor SteeplechaseIt was a wet and wild day at My Lady’s Manor Steeplechase races today in Monkton, MD but the Drive Green crew was on the job. We had a beautiful display set up right across from the owners and judges tower which is the finish line for the big race of the day – My Lady’s Manor.

I took a number of photos of the races and you can find some of them in my online photo album.

Drive Green My Lady's Manor SteeplechaseThe race was pretty exciting and I was fortunate to be able to get a spot on the tower right above the finish line for this shot. I don’t have the winner’s name but if anyone knows they’re welcome to leave it in the comments.

Before the events got started I met and interviewed Turney McKnight, direct of the Manor races since 1978. He says this is the 99th running of the race. He says the race evolved from the horse and buggy days and was a real source of sport. The distance hasn’t changed and is still over 3 miles with 16 jumps. The crowd can be as many as 7,500.

Turney is a John Deere man himself on his farm and even had his own tractor out on site today.

You can listen to my interview with Turney here: drive-green-monkton-mcknight.mp3

I have a photo album for this event which you can find here: My Lady’s Manor Steeplechase Photo Album