Utility Tractors At National Farm Machinery Show

Official Drive Green Utility Tractor Show events aren’t the only place you’ll find John Deere promoting them. Last week it was the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY. Cindy Zimmerman was on hand with this report for us:

The John Deere 5 Series utility tractors take up a significant portion of the booth space at the National Farm Machinery show and served yet another purpose – as seating for many at the show taking a break from walking around the 1.2 million square feet of exhibit space!

John Deere has introduced a large volume of new tractors this year, ranging from 45 to 105 hp, to fit just about any need.

I talked with Keith Hendrix with Deere who told me all about the new tractors that are part of the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show that Chuck has been busy following around the country.

“That ranges from our new 5D series, moving up to the 5E series, and the premium line of the new 5M,” Keith explains. “We have a tractor for every application for any specific need if you’re looking for 105 down to a 45 engine horsepower tractor.”

Listen to her interview with Keith here: nfms09-jd-keith.mp3

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