Managing Northwest Territory

North Washington Implement - Rich HubbardAt every show stop I’ve been able to attend I really enjoy talking with the local John Deere Territory Manager. They are a great resource to learn more about the area and the people.

In Lynden, WA last week that guy was Rich Hubbard. Rich says he’s got a pretty diverse territory with a lot of property owners and small ag operations. I thanked him for having us there on a beautiful sunny day. He says feedback on the new utility tractors has been good.

In fact, he says they quoted a number of new tractors during the show stop at North Washington Implement.

You can listen to my interview with Rich here: Interview with Rich Hubbard

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Safety and Longevity

North Washington ImplementOne of our visitors to the show at North Washington Implement was a retired engineer, Doug Smith. He actually still does some work as a representative of the local port district.

He came out to purchase some blades for his wife’s John Deere mower. Doug says he’s got a John Deere 720 which he uses in local parades. When it comes to the new utility tractors he’s impressed with their safety. He says they’re really good for people who don’t run them every day. He also likes the fact that they run so long without needing adjustments since so many people aren’t mechanically inclined. So he likes the safety and longevity of the new tractors.

You can listen to my interview with Doug here: Interview with Doug Smith

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Green Grandbabies

North Washington Implement - Annette MayberrySpeaking of berries in the Lynden, WA area, I met Annette Mayberry (right) and her “Green Grandbabies.” You’ve got to love that term! She says her green grandbabies like to see the John Deere tractors.

I’m thinking that the Mayberry farm is very much a John Deere type of operation. And that’s what I found out when I interviewed Annette. She says they use all sizes of John Deere tractors including these utility tractors and lawn mowers.

You can listen to my interview with Annette here: Interview with Annette Maybeery

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Dairy and Berry

North Washington Implement - Max SmithThe man in charge at North Washington Implement is Max Smith (left). He was the first person I interviewed at this week’s show stop.

Max says they’ve been doing business as a John Deere dealer in Lynden since 1916. He says their customer business is “dairy and berry.” Max says this is the raspberry and blueberry capital of the world. Since they have so many dairies in their area he says these new utility tractors really work well in their business.

You can listen to my interview with Max here: Interview with Max Smith

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Farming In The Northwest

North Washington ImplementWe have had a great event here today at North Washington Implement in Lynden, WA. The weather has been picture perfect. And so I took a lot of pictures.

In this one you can see Dick Bedlington (left) who is a local farmer. I got to speak with him after he enjoyed one of the hamburgers being served for lunch.

Dick says he farms about 2,200 acres that includes potatoes and grain. He came out to look at the new utility tractors. Dick has a lot of John Deere equipment on his farm. In fact, he says “We’re all John Deere. Our company swears by John Deere.” When it comes to the utility tractors he says they use them on a small farm for early germination seed which is a mostly two row application.

You can listen to my interview with Dick here: Interview with Dick Bedlington

All my photos from today’s event can be found here: North Washington Implement Photo Album

Visiting North Washington Implement

North Washington ImplementWell we’re on location once again. This time at North Washington Implement in Lynden, WA. This is beautiful country here in an area I haven’t personally visited before. I added a couple of photos I took on the way here this morning to show some of the scenery.

Our show event is now underway and I’ll be conducting interviews and taking more photos throughout the next several hours.

You can find the beginning of my event photo album here: North Washington Implement Photo Album